To Saskatoon's premier organization for youth employment engagement, free art studio access, art workshops and gallery space for emerging artists.

Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming (SCYAP) Inc, is a charitable and non-profit organization that meets the social, educational and economic needs of youth at risk through arts and cultural programming.

SCYAP was established in 2001 by Darrell B. Lechman, to offer street-level, youth-centered solutions to crime, unemployment and youth homelessness by using our youth's artistic interest and inclination as a tool to personal development and redirection towards a healthier, happier and more productive life.

One of SCYAP’s principal goals is to foster acceptance, integration and equality within the Saskatoon community by carrying out collaborative projects with different sectors, such as business, government, social and health services, and promoting inclusiveness and diverse cultural expression in classes, workshops and presentations.

SCYAP's programs give youth the opportunity to make a connection with the wider community and earn the recognition and confidence that comes with it. 

Our dream is to give young people hope and the tools to succeed.