SCYAP Art Gallery

The SCYAP Gallery is dedicated to providing an exhibition space for emerging artists while promoting equal opportunity and diversity.

The SCYAP Gallery provides a space for Saskatoon artists to display their works in a formal gallery setting.  For some artists the opportunity to book at show at the SCYAP Gallery means getting their first show or exhibit.

The Gallery also provides a central downtown location for community-based events (art and literacy workshops, university or high school art lectures, photographic displays, youth dance workshops, independent film company screenings, etc.)

If you are interested in having an exhibition of your work at the SCYAP Gallery contact  Please note we book about 12 months in advance.

SCYAP Art Gallery Available For Business Meetings, Workshops, and Planning Sessions.

Do you hold business meetings, workshops and planning sessions on a regular basis? Is your office space cramped, with little space to use flipcharts, spread out papers, or even have a little elbow room?


If you are tired of “making do”, or paying astronomical fees for a meeting space, the SCYAP Art Gallery has the perfect solution! Our spacious Art Gallery can accommodate large meetings comfortably, and offer you an opportunity to proudly support the programs and projects of a nationally acclaimed, award winning organization.

Why Choose the SCYAP Art Gallery For Your Meetings?

The Gallery is flooded with bright, natural light, offering a reprieve from harsh fluorescents that can be detrimental to your mood.If desired, SCYAP Art Instructors can be booked to enhance your meetings by providing great ice breakers, and innovative team work activities.

  • Many restaurants nearby – your lunch is just a phone call away.
  • Spacious, relaxed setting.
  • Affordable rental rate.
  • You will be surrounded by beautiful and interesting art, creating a visually pleasing experience that sparks creativity.
  • Sends a message to your colleagues and associates that you are an excellent corporate citizen.
  • Proceeds support SCYAP’s ongoing programming and services.

For enquiries about gallery rental please email or call               306-652-7760

“Providing hope and the tools to succeed”