The Urban Canvas Project is a 39 week full-time arts skills and personal development training program for youth between ages 16 to 30 who face multiple barriers to successful and sustainable employment. The project consists of practical experience and public art portfolio building obtained through community art projects, skill enhancement workshops, life skills training, and post-project employment preparation.

Urban Canvas Project can have a profound and very positive impact on the lives of troubled young people. Fifty per cent of the youth who have completed the Urban Canvas Projects to date have found immediate employment while an additional forty per cent have returned to school.

Contact scyap@scyapinc.com for more information and enquiries.

Past Urban Canvas Participant Testimonials

“Urban Canvas offered me the opportunity to learn and develop art technique while allowing me a safe place to reflect on my life and the resources to resolve the conflicts within it. I feel like this was exactly what I needed at that point in my life. Since having completed Urban Canvas I’ve continued the friendships I’ve developed in it. I’ve haven’t found relationships on par to the ones I formed there from being able to support and be supported by the other members while we saw each other through the challenges that existed outside the program.”-Gabrielle Galapagos
Kris Moffatt with some of his work
“Scyap gave me the opportunity to focus on my artwork while also giving me employment during a difficult time in my life. I met an influential teacher and mentor and that relationship helped grow my art further, even once I had completed the course. Social Programs such as this are valuable because they give people the chance to be exposed to a form of schooling, without the cost of tuition.” -Kris Moffatt

“Providing hope and the tools to succeed”